Monday, June 25, 2007

Far West Regionals Day 4

Friday, Day 4

After a day off from the games and the heat on Thursday, and the "All Referee Dinner" hosted by Nevada, we were all ready to get back to work Friday morning. 5:55am the 7am crews were reporting for quarter finals duty.

Friday's games were intense and hard fought by the teams. Fortunately our Referees were up to the task. We got excellent performances from our crews on these critical matches and were able to leave the fields afterwards with heads held high, leaving difficult decisions for the assignors, whom to choose for the semi finals? With so many excellent choices it had to be very difficult for them

Our instruction Friday centered around the brand new position paper released that morning titled "Quick Kick." It was a very interesting conversation where everyone was required to participate, first in small groups at their tables and then all together as one large group. We looked at the accompanying video clip a number of times to make certain everyone had a clear understanding of the interpretation and then dissected the position paper. We completely covered the mechanics of how to ensure this situation is managed correctly. Have you looked at it yet?

Friday night the Instructors were invited to join the Washington Referee delegation for a pizza feed at a local restaurant. You guys were GREAT company and your Instructors really appreciated the invitation and your fellowship. Thank You from both of us for a great evening!


Danny Guenther said...

Thank you for taking the time to write about the 2007 Far West Regionals, and posting the pictures. They made me think about all the great memories I have of this (my first) regionals. What an awesome experience!

Eric Jones said...


I appreciate you taking the time to write about your experiences at Regionals as well as every other post on the blog. Thank you!

Eric Jones