Monday, June 25, 2007

Far West Regionals Day 5

Saturday, June 23, Day 5

The Semi Finals began at 7am today.

These were some big, tough games our Referee crews took on in Las Vegas on the hottest day of the week no less.

It required everyone's full attention to have the positive outcomes we got so full credit goes to the crews on these games and the others who were either finished for the day or held in reserve who came out to cheer their fellow officials on.

It was really gratifying to see so many Administrators, Coaches, technical area staff members, spectators and parents complimenting the Referees, AR's and 4th Officials after these hard fought matches. Our Referees deserved that praise and recognition for their efforts.

After the last semi final game had finished, we made our way back to the hotel for our concluding instructional session. Our meeting centered on how to reduce the tension in the technical area and do a better job of gaining the players and coaches cooperation. We shared a number of ideas for how this can be accomplished. I think everyone learned a lot in this session. Hopefully it helped for those working the finals the next day.

Also at this session awards were handed out. Unfortunately not everyone could have their name announced to move on. The Region IV administrators made their selections and everyone put their hands together to wish them well as they begin to prepare for the next competition.

Saturday night, National Assessor, Coach Mentor and Tournament Lead Assessor, Ali Saheli and I were invited to join the Cal North Referees and Administrators for dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. You guys were a lot of fun and we certainly enjoyed your company.

Thank you Cal North Administrators, Referees and Assessors!

The Final games of the competition were held on Sunday. You can read about the Regional winners at the region IV website

Thanks are due to US Soccer for our appointment to this great event, Region IV staff, the unbelievably dedicated volunteer crew who manned the fields, parking lots, information booths, hotel, cars, etc all week long. But most of all, Ali and I want to thank the Referees and Assessors who took the time out of their lives to help cover the games at this event. Without you guys the week wouldn't have been so memorable nor as much fun. Your instructors were in awe watching you guys day in and day out performing at such a high level despite the conditions. Did I ever mention that Referees shoes were actually melting during the games due to the unbelievable heat (measured at 157* one day) radiating from the turf fields? It's true. More than one Referee had to go out to buy new shoes because their shoes melted.

In closing, a simple thank you doesn't seem sufficient but until next time, "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts. Keep up the great work US Referees, you make us proud!

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