Sunday, September 23, 2007

FAQ: WWC 2007

We apologize for not responding to the comments you have been posting. In China, blogs are blocked and we have been having difficulty accessing the comments on our blog.

FAQ#1: Is any US ref going to be assigned to a knockout game?
At this point, the quarterfinals are almost complete. Jen is going to be a 4th official for the Norway vs. China match, but Kari is resting in Shanghai. We do not know the assignments for the semi-finals or finals. The first round of referees will be dismissed on 25 Sept so we will have a better idea at that point.

FAQ#2: As many of you may know by now, we were spared by the typhoon. It hit landfall south of Shanghai and Hangzhou and lost momentum as it moved north. We had quite a bit of rain overnight and the rain continued on Wednesday. However, on Thursday, we had sunny skies, no rain and only mild humidity for this region.

FAQ#3: There had been some questions about the electronic communication system. I am waiting for the questions to be forwarded to me, but as soon as I receive them, I will add our comments to this post.

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