Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello from China

Last night the referees celebrated the conclusion of the first part of the tournament with the first round and Quarterfinals completed. We had a wonderful dinner at Villa Rouge a "french" restaurant (which serves Chinese food). We had the whole back patio for the FIFA referees and LOC members for dinner, live music and dancing. With only 8 referees and 11 AR's staying for the next round, there was much to celebrate as the WWC '07 has been a great success to-date.

With only 4 matches of the world cup remaining, we are all very anxious to see what is in store for us as we have some thrilling Semi-Finals coming up and of course the final and 3rd/4th place match.

Today we received assignments for the 2 Semi Finals. 2 referees teams from UEFA will be officiating. Dagmar from CZE is the referee for the Norway v Germany match and Nicole from SUI is the assigned to officiate the USA v Brazil match.

Now we must wait and see to see if the team remaining to represent CONCACAF receives another appointment: Kari Seitz, Isabel Tovar (MEX) and Rita Munoz (MEX). Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Also today Sept 25th, is a special holiday in China. Today is the mid-Autumn festival, where family togetherness is celebrated and moon cakes are eaten. FIFA was kind enough to buys us each a moon cake in order to experience the Chinese culture.


Anonymous said...

I did not agree with many of Nicole's calls during the USA-Brazil match. Do referees ever watch videos of the games they center so they can learn from their "mistakes"? The second yellow card for Shannon Boxx comes to mind, for example. If anyone was fouled in that instance, it was Ms. Boxx. Is there anything done to guard against referee bias against one team or in favor of another? I, too, am a referee, and I was just wondering about how you try to be impartial in matches at this level?

Steve said...

With the American loss this opens the door for the CONCACAF (K. Seitz) crew to referee the final. Best of luck from the states - we hope you get the appointment, that would be outstanding. Kari, if you get picked to whistle at the final you will have represented American refereeing well and made us all proud. I hope you get the game and I hope you shine.

Good luck!

susaned said...

I, too, am curious about the referee self-review process. We the fans are definitely often too acrimonious when discussing refereeing miscues - as if we were all perfect ourselves. Perhaps if we knew that there was an "uh-oh" moment, we could better see the humanity behind, for example, the unfortunate Boxx carding.

valekendall said...

I'm' no expert but I'd have to agree about the call outing Boxxy; can't we use instant replay to confirm on calls like that the way they do in American Football? I mean it not only put them down a player the rest of the game but made her ineligible for the next match as well; those are pretty heavy consequences for a bad call.

James said...

I also am dumbfounded. Nicole seemed emotional and barely in control. That was a game changing call and from what i could see (televised admittedly) she did not even see the event? Did a side ref call it. Are questions too political to be addressed at this time?

James said...

Ryan really dealt a blow to the team, women's soccer in the USA and the fans. NOt mention how devastating the game was for Scurry who has had so little play time. It was an unnecessary panic decision that gained nothing. He second-guessed himself and the team. He is not a world class coach. But we have a world class team. I say hire Julie Foudy.

Anonymous said...

Nicole (SUI) has repeatedly made extremely poor calls. She should no longer be officiating at this level. Her performance last night in the USA-BZL match was not an "off" game for her...she is ALWAYS that bad. FIFA needs to evaluate her performance and move her off of the payroll.