Friday, September 28, 2007

Not quite yet

Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes. They are much appreciated. . Unfortunately there was a delay in announcing appointment and we will not know final appointments until Saturday afternoon (Shanghai time). Please check back often on Saturday for the latest news. Until then keep your positive vibes coming.


MikeJ said...

I was interested to hear if there was a debrief with the referees on the US v Brazil game. Specifically I am interested to find out what the referee saw that made her send off Shannon Boxx. The game footage and replays seemed to show the brazilian player run up the back of the US player and their feet got tangled causing them to both fall. The best that I could tell from the replays was that maybe there was an obstruction but I could not recognize a DFK foul let alone a need for the second caution and send off.

Mike Jaeger,
Pleasanton, CA

m Cribbs said...

This blog has been an amazingly interesting read of how things are handled. Thank you all for letting us watch this enfold from your point of view. Wishing you the finals!

Anonymous said...

Kari Good luck. All of us here in the United States hope that you get that final assignment. Good luck!