Saturday, September 29, 2007

What an amazing experience

Wow, the Women's World Cup 2007. What an amazing experience.

Jen and I have been privileged and honored to represent the USA in the capacity of referees here at the World Cup in China. As always it is our deepest desire to conduct a match that is considered fair, safe and exciting for the players. I believe we have been successful in that endeavor and of that I am truly proud.

We could not have done without all the support of our friends, family and soccer family back in the USA. Unfortunately, as you may have heard by now, I have not been appointed for another match on Sunday. However I will be there supporting the USA team 100% in their bid for 3rd place.

Thank you again everyone and enjoy the final matches of this memorable WWC. See you back in the USA soon.


Lisa said...

Yes, in so many ways this has been an even more amazing experience than anyone could have imagined.

We hope that you travel well home And we thank you for all the hard and dedicated work you did during the tournament.

And we hope our tattered but talented team can pull it together after Mr. Ryan is removed.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it... CONCACAF AR's but no Kari in the center?? That makes no sense...