Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hello my fellow referees. As you may or may not know, it is time for U.S. Soccer's National Referee Camp. This is the time when the top referee's in our country are called in to re-certify for the upcoming season. (More on the camp later.) I wanted to spend a few moments to let you know how I (and the other referees in Illinois) prepare for the camp.The two main things we have to prepare for is the fitness test and the written test. As camp gets closer we focus more on the fitness test. Apart from my individual training, everyone that is going to camp gathers on Saturday morning to practice the fitness test and run together. Today when I left home to meet the guys it was -7 outside. So, needless to say we trained indoors on this Saturday. We don't always train indoors. We train outside in the freezing cold as long as the track is dry and temps are not to close to ZERO.It is great to get together to train and encourage each other to make sure we're all are ready for camp. The last thing anyone wants to do is not pass the fitness test.More to come on National camp.

-Ricardo Salazar

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