Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cedar Rapids Flood Disaster

As most of you know, Cedar Rapids and many surrounding communities have experienced a flood disaster like we’ve never seen before. In Cedar Rapids, more than 24,000 people have been displaced and thousands of homes and businesses have been severely damaged or destroyed. Numerous roads, highways and bridges closed as a result of very high water. Our public water supply was also compromised, requiring significant conservation by everyone.

Prior to the water coming up there were many ways to get exercise around here. I would do my fitness multiple times a day. Not just running (finding an area to run was an issue at times), Sand bagging multiple days to try to help prevent damage, and helping lift things to higher locations.

When the water came, we were one of the lucky ones and our house was not impacted. We live on a big hill and the water came up to our drive, but we were able to get out. So with our house being one of the only houses in the area not effect we became flood central for the families in our area.

Trying to get to the airport to go to my match this weekend in KC was an experience which should have been a 15min drive was well over an hour because of the road and bridge closers.

We’re happy to report that the water is now receding, and the community is ready to begin recovery. We will continue to assist by volunteering our efforts to help with community clean-up and rebuilding.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and concerns. We appreciate them all so much.


Here is a picture of our road. There should be no water in this photo. Our drive is right at the edge of the water by the trucks. The water cuts us off from our main way in and out of our place.

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