Wednesday, August 13, 2008

USA in the Quarterfinals...

...and not just the WNT, USA will also have a team officials in the Quarter Finals representing! August 15th Kari, Veronica, Marlene and Dianne (of Guyana) will be the 3rd team for Brazil v Norway.

This is bound to be an exciting match. Brazil is on a hot streak, winning their group in the first round, in fact, scoring a hat trick yesterday versus Nigeria. Norway, as you may remember, is the team that beat the USA in the opening match 2-0.

Everything is on the line, as the winning team secures a spot in the semi-finals and the losing team returns home.

You'll all be with us in spirit as we work hard to be the best team on the field.

Kari, Marlene & Veronica

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bill said...

Good luck, refs, and have a good game!