Friday, September 26, 2008

Marina Barra Club

In the morning we traveled to Marina Barra Club for both Fitness and Practical training. The club is on an island, the surrounding waterway attracts people who cast nets from bridges attempting to catch small minnows or shiners. This morning, unlike yesterday, a very strong odor was coming from water. Today for fitness training, we stretched and then ran three laps around the trail that was next to the waterway before going indoors due to thunderstorms. While inside we continued with interval circuit training that involved various movements and core exercises. The practical training tested the referee decision making and signaling as the exercises simulated various game situations.

The evening was very special we attended the FIFA Dinner Banquet. A wonderful meal was served, various small plate appetizers, followed by selections of steak and seafood, along with a two chef fresh pasta station, and to end the meal was variety of small desserts, my favorite was the chocolate covered strawberries.

Just before dinner every referee was presented with a watch and FIFA Futsal World Cup Commemorative medal. A professional photographer was on had to capture all the events of the evening. This was a great time for the group to bond before half the group departs for Brasilia on Sunday. The U.S. National Team is playing in Rio de Janeiro.

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