Saturday, September 27, 2008

Referee Training Day

In the morning we traveled back to Marina Barra Club for training, the weather was on our side this morning with warm and sunny skies. Our fitness and practical training took place outside. These were our last training sessions together before the tournament begins on Tuesday. They both were intense sessions. The fitness session we were given a choice of running the entire time or alternate walking and running. No one opted for the second option. We ran at quick pace for 20 minutes then stretched. In the practical training we worked again on positioning, eye contact, signaling, and foul selection in a handball exercise. Then in the corner of the pitch, we participated in an exercise that simulated ball going over the goal line or touch line and we had to see who last played it and then give the correct signal. Our classroom session started and ended an hour earlier to be able to travel to Estádio do Maracanã to watch Clube de Regatas do Flamengo vs. Sport Club do Recife. The atmosphere inside the stadium wasllively, even though the rain was falling throughout the match making it very challenging to play. The home side, after being down 1-0 came back to score two late goes to win and send the crowd home cheering.

Assignments were announced for the first four match days next week. Everyone in the room was eager to hear their name called. I will be the Timekeeper for Argentina vs. China on Match Day Two (Wednesday). I will also be the referee for Solomon Islands vs. Brazil on Match Day Three (Thursday). I am very excited and look forward to working as a member of the officiating crew in these matches.

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