Friday, March 13, 2009

Checking in from T&T - "Come on USA!"

Let me just start by saying “COME ON U.S.!” This was something I would yell in my room as I followed our team on's MatchTracker. My roommate from Honduras joined me cheering during the second game. (It took him a little getting used to but he came around). The referees were told that if your country made it thru to the semifinal round then those referees would be sent home. This is kind of a double-edge sward, but it did not stop me from cheering on our boys. I was happy to see our boys not only in the semis but now in the finals……COME ON U.S.!

Because you might get sent home after one game, you as a referee have to make sure you impress in what could be your only chance. The game that we were appointed to, Trinidad & Tobago vs Costa Rica, went very well. Our game was sold out with standing room only mostly because the home team was playing and needed to win. The game ended in a draw 0-0 and T&T played with a man advantage for 39 minutes bu the ome team couldn’t finish the game. We got very good reviews from the bosses, but knew we wouldn’t get another game as a referee. We were appointed to T&T/Mexico where I was the 4th and CJ was Assistant Referee. After this game we had a late night dinner back in the hotel and at this time they handed you an itinerary. This is there was of saying you are going home and my flight was at 7 a.m. My eparture was dark and early from the hotel, 4:30 a,m. as this was an international flight.

COME ON U.S.!!!!!

- Ricardo Salazar

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