Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cross-Training with Terry Vaughn

Today is a cross-training day. This is important so you ensure you are doing different types of training to improve your overall fitness and cross-training shouldn't just be about running. You should still get your heart rate up, but be sure to also work on speed, agility, hand eye coordination, and/or strength. For example, you could also play other sports like racquetball, basketball, or soccer.

Today I am doing hill training for my cross-training. I am lucky as I have a big hill for my driveway (the guys I train with love the hill). When you are going to do hills you have to make sure you go through a good warm-up, 10-15 minutes, because you are going to be stressing your body on the inclines. Once you are warm, start at the bottom and sprint as fast as you can to the top. Walk back down for your recovery and do it all over again. In this work out I start by doing 10 hills.

When doing hills you need to make sure you are taking short, quick steps. Be sure to pump your arms strong to help drive up the knees. On the way down you need to take longer but controlled steps. With hills you will be able to get your heart rate up faster, due to the increase in the workload the incline causes. This way you are working on the strength factor, to help improve your strength. As a result, you will find that you won't get injured as easily when you stress your body in the matches or training.

This also a good interval work out. Going up the hill will raise your heart rate rapidly, and then coming down will give you some recovery, like in a game you have to sprint the whole length of the field and then you can jog and so on. We are lucky to been given the Polar heart rate watches that help us see our heart rate and if we are not working hard enough we can adjust the workout immediately, so we get feedback right way to make sure we are getting the most out of our work out. It also has a feature where we down load it to our computer and we can check our work out like how high heart rate was, our recovery time. This helps you for the next work out to know if you need to adjust your work out to get the most out of it.

With all of this we are getting the body ready for the season practicing hard in training. This way, when you go do it on the field you are ready. Just like before, when we had to do a good warm up, you need to do a good cool down to make sure your body can recover properly without injury. This all helps with getting the lactic acids out of the muscles. Be for finishing, work on flexibility at the very end. Hope this helps you in your preparation. Stay healthy.

- Terry Vaughn

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