Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closing Out Camp

The last day of the seminar was today. We had a full day of class, which was focused on making sure we are all on the same page with the things we had covered and a few other subjects were covered too. Then we had another session of practical out on the field. This was more focused and more intense to help us make those decision that we need to work together to get right. While we were waiting our turn to go, we had to do different things moving through cones—some times forward, sometimes backward as well as side to side. We never stopped moving and then for a lot of these decisions we were making 60 yard sprints to simulate us getting caught in transition. Then like the day before we had players doing different things and we had to work with our AR to get the call right. Then we came back to hear closing remarks and got to eat a nice meal and enjoy each other's company. Some participants had to leave the next day, some to go home while others went to locations for Gold Cup games. Lucky for us, we get to stay in L.A. to start. Check back later for more to come!


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