Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off and Running for Day 1

Today we had a full day. We started the day by doing fitness at the Home Depot Center. The work out was low intensity, but got the blood moving and stretched the legs out from the travel to L.A. We started out slow and then did lots of motions that we would do in a game such as change of speed along with lots of dynamic stretching and doing things to make sure we were concentrating. We then watched the U.S. play in the final of the Confederations Cup as a group. After that, we started the classroom sessions by talking about guidelines for referees and then the guidelines to the assistant referees.

The next session then covered fouls and misconduct in depth. The last thing we did was take a video test as a team of one referee and one AR worked together to make the call as they would in the game. For example, if the situation happens by the assistant referee they are more involved with each other. Now it’s off to dinner, knowing that our fitness test is first thing tomorrow morning. We’ve got to get hydrated and get some rest in us!


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