Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 3 of Gold Cup Preparation

Today we started off with a pool workout as a way to recover from the fitness test we took yesterday. This is a great way to help the body repair and get back to being ready for intense workouts to come. We did resistance work, dynamic stretching, and static stretching. Then we had sessions on serious foul play, violent conduct, mass confrontation, advantage, and simulation. We took two video tests as well as a test on the laws of the game and wrapped up with a session on fitness.

Then we went to the fields for some practical training. We did a short warm up and then we got to practice on the field in working with assistant referees to make calls in the AR's area and then also in and around the penalty area. We had two teams of players cause fouls to create situations for us and force us to make a decision like in a real match. Then we got on the bus to come back to the hotel for dinner. Just another day at the Gold Cup, more to come tomorrow!


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