Friday, July 10, 2009


Today was game day! CJ and I refereed Costa Rica vs. Canada. We did our pregame at lunch. After some rest, the ride to and from the stadium was a little faster, due to the police escort that helped us get through rush hour traffic. The game went well. It was 2-2 draw with two cautions. It was very hot and humid. We also found out that since the U.S. is going though to the quarterfinals, we are being sent home. It is one of those mixed feelings, because you always want to stay as long as you can, but we also want to be able to support the U.S. team. So we will be able to go home and see the family and watch the games on television.

CJ will be able to be matched up with another crew, so make sure to watch the games and see which ones he will be doing!


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