Friday, February 20, 2009

Fitness Tips and "Over-training"

Fitness is a must when it to refereeing, and we have to prepare ourselves to pass the fitness test for the season. We have to build our conditioning so that as the season progresses we remain healthy and in peak condition at the right time of the year. We have to be careful just doing the bare minimum to get by the new fitness test. Doing extra training will ensure that if you become sick, or it is cold, hot, rainy, you have good conditioning in order to get through those not so perfect situations. My advice on the new fitness test is to “over-train,” reducing the amount of rest time and/or doing extra laps. This is going to prepare you for success and make this test a lot easier.

The new fitness test I have been referring to is:

Six 40 yard sprints at 6.2 seconds

The interval run is done on a track
Run 150 yards in 30 sec

Recovery in 50 yards over 35 sec

You do this 2 times on the track for one lap

(10 laps is the minimum)

My workout today was refreshing. We finally got rid of the snow, but the field is still too wet to run on, so I did a version of the new fitness test on the track. You cut everything in half, so it goes like this:

Run 75 yards in 15 sec

25 yards in 15 sec recovery (for the math teachers: yes, this is not right. But this another area in which I over-train for the test. Instead of taking a 35 sec recovery, I do 30 sec. if you want the real rest time it would be 17.5. There are a couple of other reasons for doing this beside over-training. First, it is easy to work on a watch using seconds that are either 15, 30, 45, or 60, as they are a lot easier to see on your while you're running. One nice feature I have on my watch is a timer that I can set up to nine different interval times then it will repeat. If I am only doing two different intervals, like in this work out, I put the times I need in and the watch will beep at each of the intervals and keep repeating until I stop. It’s a lot handier then trying to see small numbers on a watch as you run and get tired.

You can do this 4 times and that is one lap around the track. Today was 13 laps.

Fitness is one of the things that you can control in your life. This will not only help you get where you need to be on the field, but it will help with you health. Good luck with getting and staying fit.

- Terry Vaughn