Thursday, April 9, 2009

Opening Day in Colorado

It is an honor to be appointed to a home opener and the last thing you think about as a referee is SNOW! Well, luckily it is part of my person to check the weather before traveling. It doesn’t matter if it is for business or pleasure. I think most people follow this practice…you have got to know how to pack!
After opening San Jose during week 1 and wearing short sleeves I figured Colorado had something good in store for me. It was Tuesday morning and the forecast was calling for snow lots of snow. When I moved from Chicago to California last year, part of my reasoning was to get out of the Chicago winters. When I started tracking the weather on Tuesday I found out that Colorado had some Chicago winter waiting for me. The forecast was calling for 8 to 16 inches for Friday and sunshine on Saturday (game day).

When I left home for the airport, I was not sure I would make it to my destination. Thankfully, I was only delayed by one hour and greeted by 10 inches of snow. It is not typical, but I was advised to visit the stadium on the morning of the game. Not only did I visit but I took some pictures to share with everyone. I enjoyed taking them and of course enjoyed throwing a few snow balls at the boys.
All I have to say is the grounds crew at Dick’s Sporting Good’s Park are amazing. When I arrived at the stadium there was no snow on the field. I don’t like to wear cleats while I referee and during the day I figured I would be wearing the studs. Because of the grounds crew, I left the studs in the bag and wore the runners. Bring on the snow for this California boy!