Saturday, July 4, 2009

On To The Next One...

This morning we woke up to head out for the next venue. Our flight departed at ten in the morning. CONCACAF organized for us to fly a charter flight from Long Beach, CA to Columbus, Ohio, along with the other referees that officiated the first two matches at the Home Depot. We also flew with the Jamaican national team and the El Salvador national team. I would like to comment on how well the Gold Cup has been in organizing our pick ups and departures. It was great not to go through two busy airports. The plane landed in Columbus and we just had to get off the plane and into the buses that were waiting for us on the tarmac near the airport. We arrived around five o'clock in the afternoon and went directly to the hotel. Now we just have to get adjusted to the new time zone and get ready for Tuesday's matches. I will be officiating Costa Rica vs Jamaica at 7pm on the 7th of July, while Terry will have the day off. Stay tuned for more as the first round of the 2009 Gold Cup continues!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Game Day!

After days of training and preparation, today was game day. We were working the opening match between Canada and Jamaica. Here is a run down of the day: We woke up and had breakfast and started making plans for the match. We then got some rest and had lunch while we did our pre-game preparation. We like to do our pre-game before we go to the stadium because at these events you never know what is going to happen when you get to the stadium—with people coming in and out of the locker room, wanting things done on their schedule it is often easier to avoid the distractions to do the pre-game at the hotel.

Then we were off to the stadium with the assistance of a police escort to make the trip quickly. When we arrived we checked the field again, then started changing and getting ourselves ready for the match. Once ready, we warmed up as a team. Game time...the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup is underway!

Game was 1-0 for Can. We then watched the second match as El Salvador defeated Costa Rica 2-1. Tomorrow we get on a flight to Columbus to prepare for the next set of games.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closing Out Camp

The last day of the seminar was today. We had a full day of class, which was focused on making sure we are all on the same page with the things we had covered and a few other subjects were covered too. Then we had another session of practical out on the field. This was more focused and more intense to help us make those decision that we need to work together to get right. While we were waiting our turn to go, we had to do different things moving through cones—some times forward, sometimes backward as well as side to side. We never stopped moving and then for a lot of these decisions we were making 60 yard sprints to simulate us getting caught in transition. Then like the day before we had players doing different things and we had to work with our AR to get the call right. Then we came back to hear closing remarks and got to eat a nice meal and enjoy each other's company. Some participants had to leave the next day, some to go home while others went to locations for Gold Cup games. Lucky for us, we get to stay in L.A. to start. Check back later for more to come!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 3 of Gold Cup Preparation

Today we started off with a pool workout as a way to recover from the fitness test we took yesterday. This is a great way to help the body repair and get back to being ready for intense workouts to come. We did resistance work, dynamic stretching, and static stretching. Then we had sessions on serious foul play, violent conduct, mass confrontation, advantage, and simulation. We took two video tests as well as a test on the laws of the game and wrapped up with a session on fitness.

Then we went to the fields for some practical training. We did a short warm up and then we got to practice on the field in working with assistant referees to make calls in the AR's area and then also in and around the penalty area. We had two teams of players cause fouls to create situations for us and force us to make a decision like in a real match. Then we got on the bus to come back to the hotel for dinner. Just another day at the Gold Cup, more to come tomorrow!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off and Running for Day 1

Today we had a full day. We started the day by doing fitness at the Home Depot Center. The work out was low intensity, but got the blood moving and stretched the legs out from the travel to L.A. We started out slow and then did lots of motions that we would do in a game such as change of speed along with lots of dynamic stretching and doing things to make sure we were concentrating. We then watched the U.S. play in the final of the Confederations Cup as a group. After that, we started the classroom sessions by talking about guidelines for referees and then the guidelines to the assistant referees.

The next session then covered fouls and misconduct in depth. The last thing we did was take a video test as a team of one referee and one AR worked together to make the call as they would in the game. For example, if the situation happens by the assistant referee they are more involved with each other. Now it’s off to dinner, knowing that our fitness test is first thing tomorrow morning. We’ve got to get hydrated and get some rest in us!